About Us

Sustainable Sneakers – the perfect choice for fashion lovers who care for our environment

Luxurious and Exclusive … Sustainable Fashion


This is the Brand that makes it possible for the passionate fashion lovers to own an exclusively designed Sneaker and at the same time to represent an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Our shoes are a Rich Quality concept of deluxe sneakers by redesigning, in an innovative way, already made luxurious fashion materials.

We are continuously researching on details, style and quality for providing unique and sustainable fashion, just for you.

Ethical Production

These Sneakers are handmade with passion in our family owned factories in Italy – far from child labour and mass production.

By an innovative use of already made luxurious fashion materials and left over fabrics from exclusive furniture production each shoe is individually designed and sewn by our skilled craftsmen from the famous region of Umbria. We are proud to build our brand on this traditional foundation.

Thru this secular material procedure our Brand is contributing to reducing carbon emission and supporting an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Long Lasting shoes

Keeping your clothes and shoes for a longer time is an important way in which we all can contribute to a more sustainable world. For sure, we know that with the good feeling, supported by the ergonomical foot bed, these Sneakers will give your feet a comfortable experience second to none.

As every pair of Sneakers is unique, personally you will also feel more emotionally connected to your purchased Sneakers. 

Having once experienced the comfort and the unique look, you will definitely change the way you shop your shoes …in the Future.