RYC & Rich-Ycled Shoes


Uniquely Designed Sustainable Sneakers

“The perfect choice for any fashion lover who also cares about our environment”

RYC & Rich-Ycled is the brand that makes it possible for the passionate fashion lover to own an exclusively designed luxury sneaker,
and who also appreciates a focus on ethical morals and to represent an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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High Quality Materials

We only use the best materials which give long-lasting and extremely comfortable shoes. Our footbed amends itself to your foot and our sole will last you a long long time.

Unique Design

Our shoes are individually designed and created by hand fro our skilled craftsmen from the famous region of Umbria in Italy. Which gives you this uniquely designed shoes, just like a piece of art.


Great Production

We are acting in a responsible and ethical and sustainable way to create a shoe that you will feel more emotionally connected to and that you will keep long er.